Instrument Repair

Bring your electric and acoustic guitars, basses, brass, woodwinds, amps, and pedal boards to the Absolute Music “Repair Shop” to keep your equipment finely tuned, repaired as needed, or just for routine maintenance. John personally assesses your equipment, provides you with an estimate for the work needed, and repairs each item. Due to the personalized nature of your instruments, as well as the age and condition of your equipment, we do not maintain a set fee for repairs. A typical maintenance, or repair visit will be $35-$70, depending on the condition of the equipment. Each situation will be handled with the utmost care, as we understand how important your equipment is to you! We are now equipped to make most repairs on flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. Cost for the repairs is comparable to the repair needed.

Testimonials for Repair Workshop

All of my set-up work and repair/hot rodding for my guitars is done by John. He repaired a cracked headstock on my 1958 Gretcsh, and you’d never know it was ever cracked. I was satisfied, so I gave him a vintage Harmony guitar to rebuild. All options are discussed, and results are always great! John is not only a fantastic instructor and player; he’s a fantastic technician….TC

If you’re a guitar player, then you know how important it is to have your guitar set up the right way. John gets it. It’s like he reads your mind. He’s one of the nice guys in the music business, and a good friend….KM