Music Instruments

  • Traben basses
  • BC Rich guitars and basses
  • Daddario strings and accessories
  • Gretch drums
  • Sonor drums
  • Gibraltar drum hardware
  • Lighting Gear
  • Laney amps
  • Hohner
  • Shure
  • Korg
  • Woods
  • Ovation

… and all the accessories you can think of!
We carry a full line of new and used name brand musical instruments and accessories. We also we buy equipment and can do custom ordering as well.
Listed here are some of the name brands and accessories we carry…

For many years John has been the go to guy to get your guitar repaired and set up, and still is. We are expanding on this because we have felt badly for those who bring in beginner-intermediate guitars which play badly due to poor set-ups, or no set-ups. We have found that this seems to discourage students from playing, as the guitars do not sound, or play as well as they should. John decided to do something about that. Certain beginner-intermediate guitars will be sold through Absolute Music with a professional set-up before the guitar leaves the studio. Each one of these guitars will be clearly marked with the “Precision Tuned To Rock”�� decal which includes John�’s signature. The concept is to want to play the guitar you purchase. So, if it sounds great you will pick it up, and play it. These guitars will be on display at the studio, and sold for a great price starting this fall. This service will also include guitar packages. So look for the “Precision Tuned To Rock” decal.