testimonials-1Absolute Music rocks. I have been taking guitar for 2 years and I love it. T.R

testimonials-1My saxophone lessons at Absolute Music helped me get into my high school’s Jazz Band as a freshman!! And, the lessons and recitals are really fun! S.M.

testimonials-1Absolute Music has been the perfect creative outlet for my sons. The staff is knowledgeable, not only musically, but also in teaching style, accommodating for each student’s individual needs. Absolute Music is the perfect place for a positive musical experience. J.I.

testimonials-1Absolute Music is the best. I have two children there and they both love it! The instructors are very skilled and attentive. Both of my children learned so much in a short amount of time. John is a great owner and “The Pam” is a miracle worker and awesome! J.F.

testimonials-1I have been going to Absolute Music for six years. I really enjoy piano lessons and I like learning how to play new songs. Music makes me happy! M.C.

testimonials-1I love Absolute Music. I’ve been taking lessons for about four years now, and it’s never crossed my mind to leave. They have the best teachers around. Everyone there is so talented. Scott is great, hands down my favorite teacher of all time. Times are flexible, so if you cancel it’s not difficult to reschedule a make up lesson. S.P.

testimonials-1We love Absolute Music! It is a very warm and welcoming place where you learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The instructors are great and always give you good positive feedback. M.H.

testimonials-1The Absolute Music studio is like a magical Yellow Submarine; an unassuming entrance opens to a beautiful and seemingly endless world of talent, art, and love (of learning). I’ve started my own guitar journey in my 40s, and this is the only place that could have made that happen for me. The dedication and desire to spread the musical gospel (as it were) begins and ends with its owner, John Albino, a strong teacher and business leader who is as dedicated to music as he is generous to the community. His staff is equally committed. You have to experience this place to believe it! ….MN

testimonials-1I found Absolute Music by accident nearly four years ago. At first I bought a guitar for my son. Since then three of my four children and me have all become part of the Absolute Music family. The instructors have mentored my children and given them a love for music as well as a top notch education. During these years, my kids have given up other things in their lives so that they don’t have to miss their lessons. Beyond taking lessons, my family loves being a part of everything Absolute Music does. They look forward to being a part of the yearly recital and can’t wait for Rock Band Camp in the summer. My boys have put together their own bands which John Albino has taken under his wing. Because of the family atmosphere, it is often hard to get my family to leave at the end of a lesson.
It is amazing how the owner and staff of Absolute Music are so giving. They give their time to bring the joy of music throughout the community. They share their music and talent at events such as community days, career days at local schools, churches and wherever else they are called. The most incredible event at Absolute Music is the recital, where every performer feels like a star, and proceeds always go to a local charity! It is rare to find a group of such giving people! And, it is awesome to have my kids be a part of it!
The greatest gift we received from Absolute Music is a common love for music. It is something we share as a family, something we can make memories with, and something we will have for a lifetime. Thank you Absolute Music! ….DN

testimonials-1Since my daughter has been in guitar lessons with Absolute Music, it’s opened many doors for her, creatively, as well as socially. The instructors are patient, understanding, friendly, and incredibly talented. I couldn’t be happier with her progress! Thank You. ….KC D

testimonials-1I feel that Absolute Music is a great place not only for music lessons, or for purchasing equipment, but also for making great new friends. The staff are very cool and nice. I enjoy the lessons too. This store is great and everybody who works there are just great. ….CT

testimonials-1My approach to learning guitar was taking some online lessons and reading guitar tabs. I learned some basic chords and some easy songs but really wasn’t learning music. I came across “Absolute Music” and decided to take some lessons. Since then my playing has improved and I have a better understanding of the guitar. My teacher is very patient and knowledgeable, and the staff is extremely courteous. I highly recommend “Absolute Music” for anyone who’s serious about learning music. ….NT

testimonials-1I’ve been with Absolute Music for quite some time. I don’t call it “lessons”, I call it “sessions”, because it’s fun while learning. After decades of not playing guitar and singing, I decided to make a personal come-back with both. I’m glad I did! Lessons/sessions are at my own pace. Excellent instructors and fun learning…priceless…TC

testimonials-1Absolute Music welcomed us into their family of knowledgeable and caring instructors. They provide an environment where the students enjoy learning. Students have an opportunity to show what they have learned in community based events, teaching the importance of community service as well as music and music theory…….K & T P

testimonials-1Great staff. Wonderful to deal with. I never knew guitar lessons could be such be such fun. Absolute Music is “Absolutely Fabulous…MD

testimonials-1My daughter Hannah has been taking piano lessons at Absolute Music for the past year and a half. She has consistently had positive experiences, and really enjoys her lesson. I am so proud of her and have noticed her continuous improvement. She loves playing the piano, and I have nothing but great things to say about Absolute Music….BK

testimonials-1My daughter started her guitar lessons when she turned seven years old. Now, 2 years later, I’ve never had to “make her go” to class. She honestly can’t wait for her weekly lessons. She loves her instructor, Justin, who has taught her how to read music, not just guitar tabs, as well as play the guitar. And, she’s getting better everyday. She’s even been placed in an advanced guitar class in her elementary school, and I give all the credit to her teacher….CR

testimonials-1Absolute Music is a wonderfully operated training facility with great staff. Dave is an amazing musician, and a wonderful teacher. I can’t praise him enough. I look forward to my lesson…it’s the highlight of my week……NN

testimonials-1Whenever my daughters play the piano, I feel proud as their mom, and see that playing piano is a big factor for them to succeed in their studies. That is what I thank Absolute Music for. You don’t know how proud I was when they performed in the recital last June. My daughter, Philline, loves studying piano pieces for today’s Pop music. I can really see her passion when playing the piano and Absolute Music has been a great part of that. My other daughter, Althea, wrote something for Back to School Night that; she loves playing the piano, accompanied by her singing. I thank Absolute Music for their support of these kids who are really enjoying their music……MM

testimonials-1My son and daughter have been taking lessons for 3 years. My son takes guitar, and my daughter the piano. It is amazing in that time, how well they play. What I love about the instructors is that they teach technique, which helped them learn how to read music. Absolute Music gave me the inspiration to take piano lessons….PM
I want to say thank you to the entire staff at Absolute Music, with a special thank you to John, Pam, and Brian. They have all given such inspiration to my daughter, Nicole, who is a student there. I have found my “second family”! Love you guys, you’re the best!…MR

testimonials-1“Absolute Music” has a staff of well-rounded and talented musicians who offer lessons from classical to the eclectic. John Albino, owner and teacher extraordinaire, truly cares for all the students. By far, the best music school in the area….LK

testimonials-1Absolute Music Studio is a professional, warm environment! My children look forward to their music lessons and practice without being told to! As for my husband and me, we feel at peace when we arrive at the studio!!…GH

testimonials-1Unlike music lessons I remember as a child, Absolute Music makes learning music fun. The yearly recital/rock concert is amazing and the kids really look forward to coming each week. John, Pam, and the staff are truly caring and provide a safe environment. Absolute Music is a blessing….LS

testimonials-1Absolute Music is the best thing ever and it makes me happy. Word! Scott is so super cool. John helps me improve my singing, and I just LOVE IT. ….JW

testimonials-1I am very happy and impressed with Absolute Music. Caitlin has learned so much in a short time and Justin rocks as a guitar instructor. The recital is the most excellent one I have ever encountered. It is a mini music festival. Love it…MH
My son George has been learning the drums for about a year now, and he loves to come each week to practice. He likes his teacher because he is fun and patient. I also enjoy taking him because the atmosphere is very pleasant….TH

testimonials-1Absolute has been wonderful in teaching music to my son, and has helped him develop confidence in himself….JO

testimonials-1Absolute Music is a special place to learn music. The staff and instructors are professional and world-class musicians. I know that I would not have progressed on the guitar as quickly as I have, if not for the careful and attentive instruction from my guitar teacher…JR

testimonials-1My daughter Shannon began her guitar lessons in March of 2010 with Justin. Along with her advancement in playing, she has developed confidence, developed friendships, and is part of an incredibly loving and giving establishment. Thanks to everyone at Absolute Music-you rock our world!….PS